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Campaigning for safer conditions on Pulaski

Our transit advocacy lead, Dixon Galvez-Searle, has been tirelessly fighting to improve safety along Pulaski.

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Where Have All the Community Spaces Gone?WBEZ Reset with Jenn White
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Additional coverage

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We SPOKE OUT about the critical shortage of diapers and other essentials at the Halsted shelter, and thank everyone who immediately donated diapers to help us address the need.

Top Left: Jaime Groth Searle, Exec Director, spoke to Chicago Tribune; Top Right: Maria Perez & Hugo Diaz, Public Health Ambassadors, spoke with BBC; Lower Left: Maria Perez spoke to FOX 32; Lower Right: Board VP Adriana Vargas spoke with CBS2.

SWC's Dixon Galvez-Searle voices strong safety concerns about Pulaski Road after back-to-back crashes that killed a neighbor.

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SWC's Dixon Galvez-Searle expresses concerns about another drive-thru opening on Pulaski Road amid pedestrian safety concerns.

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SWC's founder, Jaime Groth Searle, speaks with ABC's Localish about our Community Boxes. These repurposed newspaper stands serve as 24/7 food pantries on the southwest side.

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SWC's Vice President, Adriana Vargas, and Executive Director, Jaime Groth Searle, penned an op-ed for the Sun-Times, regarding the Welcoming City Ordinance, as well as mounting tensions between some residents and asylum seekers. 

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SWC shares insights with Block Club regarding the steep decline in life expectancy for Latine Chicagoans.

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Bike Group lead Dixon Galvez-Searle talks with Chicago Sun-Times about the renewed interest in local biking.

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